Casualization and overwork at Leiden university
A call for dignified labour conditions for all

On Monday 5 July 2021, Casual Leiden sent a full report and list of demands to the Executive Board (CvB) of Leiden University. You can endorse our demands by adding your signature to the letter with this form.

The report presents the results of the Casual Leiden survey and stipulates the following three demands:

  1. End casualization
    Make the appointments of staff performing structural work permanent.

  1. Career paths and professional growth for all
    Create progressive career paths, and invest time and resources in tailormade professional growth for all staff.

  1. End structural overwork
    Provide full transparency about workload calculations and take concrete steps against structural overwork.

Read the full report here: (NL) (EN)

At De Ware Opening of the academic year 2021, Casual Leiden joined other activist groups in the Netherlands to launch three general demands to all CvBs nationwide. Career paths and professional growth have now been grouped under "end casualization" and a third demand focuses on a safe working environment targeting the mishandling of misconduct and failing diversity policies.