A Lecture and Discussion Organized by LUDEN - Leiden University Diversity and Equality Network

Tue. 30 November | Universities proclaim to want diversity; So why don’t they succeed?
Online lecture & discussion by LUDEN
15:00-17:00 online
ID: 612 1682 7970 - Passcode 7*X!qGr2

Being true to the motto Praesidium Libertatis means that as a university we should offer an academic environment for students and staff that is safe, diverse and inclusive. This should be an environment free of intimidation, bullying, and discrimination, where talent prospers - be it students or staff - regardless of gender, race, socio-economic background, religion, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc. While most of us as individual members of the university community subscribe to these aspirations, our university’s work and study environment produces outcomes, which too often are at odds with our university’s foundational goals and values. Debates about diversity often take place in the context of needs and challenges individual groups face within the university. This is important. However, it also is important to take a more intersectional approach and address overarching structures that marginalise groups and perpetuate divisions without our university community. These structures often go to the core of the organisation of the university’s research and education mission. It for example touches on how we attract and nurture talent (casualization is a major theme here), how we organise education and research programs, how we relate to our university's past, and how we ensure social safety for all. By bringing together different staff and student groups from across Leiden’s university community, we will start a conversation about these underlying structures and what can be done to improve them.


Edrieenna Brandao - Space to Talk About Race (STAR)

Simcha Jong - FWN/Leiden University Diversity and Equality Network (LUDEN)

Miko Flohr - UD in Classics at Leiden University

TBA - a speaker from MENA Student Association (MENASA)

This event is part of the University from Below